Yosemite is an awesome place to meet photographers, learn and share techniques and discover/test new equipment. I met a photographer who likes to shoot with equipment we rarely see anyone use anymore. In fact he uses one of the last custom made large format cameras. Everything about this camera is manual, lightning, white balance, focus, everything involved in making a picture is completely manual.

You’ll see two cameras in the pictures; the bigger one is the large format custom made camera which shoots pictures that can be blown up to 40 times the size of a regular film camera. A regular film camera uses a negative that is 1”x 1” big, film used in this camera is 20”x24” big, if I remember it correctly. I was lucky enough to get a peek at the screen under cover to see what the picture might look like, and it was wonderfully beautiful.

The smaller camera you see in the picture is Linhof Technorama 617s III which sells for over $12k. The camera is known for its panoramic capabilities. This camera combines 3 shots of 6×6 into 1 to create a 6×17 format picture, that’s extreme wide and high resolution.

After talking to him for a while I left him alone so he could continue to take pictures and I moved to the other side to click a few pictures of my own. Unfortunately I lost track of time while taking pictures and before I knew, he was gone and I did’t get to thank him for all the information he shared about the cameras and how they work, etc..

Picture was shot from the following location..